NFT stands for Non Fungible Token - non-fungible token - a type of cryptographic token that represents the deed of ownership and the certificate of authenticity of a unique asset, both digital and physical, which cannot be replaced with something else .

The good can be a drawing, a tweet, a gif, a video, everything that is digital can become NFT, defined as non-fungible because it is unique and not replaceable but salable in exchange for money.
With NFT we mean a way to uniquely, safely and undoubtedly identify a digital product created on the internet. NFT can be any digital object: a video, a photo, a GIF, a text, an article, an audio ... When a digital object is certified with an NFT it is as if there was the author's signature on it, and no one can say that it is not original or that there are other copies if not signed with an NFT.
NFTs couldn't exist without the blockchain. What is the blockchain? It is a shared and immutable digital ledger where data transactions are stored that cannot be altered, manipulated or deleted. It is a system to guarantee the traceability of transfers, transparency and verifiability; this is why it is considered a safe and reliable system for various sectors ranging from banks to public administrations.