The course will guide participants through an effective alternation of theoretical and practical sessions, to discover all the features of the camera. It will also allow to practice shooting techniques fusing them with their creativity.
The program includes theoretical and practical lessons with a viewing of the photographs taken during the course.
Ideal for newcomers to photography for the first time or for those who want to deepen knowledge already acquired.
The lessons will last one hour each.

10 lessons in the classroom
3 group outings
Delivery of attendance

20.30 Hours - 21.30 (with variations agreed with the group)
where the course: Lysandra Nature Snc, via William Pepper 106
costs € 200 / person
for information: Andrea Salvai 3406090997 -
Contact us by phone or email indicating the recipient's details, we will prepare a personalized coupon packaged in a cute packaging



The flash course is a crash course in digital photography that takes place in part to 'open in the time a morning from 8 to 12, or in the evening from 15 alle18, through a full-immersion of theory and a lot of practice that allows a knowledge of the instrument and the composition and the image techniques.
The course is suitable for all those who have a digital SLR, but do not know how to use it better or the use to a minimum of potenziaslità.
The course fee is 110 € and includes the delivery of educational material to resume its topics.
Delivery of attendance
Reservations can be individual or group


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